Pool construction Company in Leander, TX


Pool Remodeling Service: Transforming Your Pool into a Work of Art

It may be time for a pool remodel if your pool looks outdated or worn. At Aqua Pro Pools, we specialize in top-quality pool remodeling service to help transform your pool into a work of art.

At Aqua Pro Pools, we understand that pool remodeling can be a significant investment. That’s why we work closely with each client to provide competitive pricing and exceptional service when it comes to our pool modeling service, ensuring that your pool remodels are completed on time and within budget.

Pool construction Company in Leander, TX

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Pool construction Company in Leander, TX

Our Pool Remodeling Services

  • Pool Deck Remodeling
  • Pool Tile Replacement
  • Pool Lighting Installation

Pool Deck Remodeling: Transforming Your Pool Area

If your pool deck looks outdated or worn, it may be time for a remodel. At Aqua Pro Pools, we specialize in pool deck remodeling services and pool remodeling services to help transform your pool area into a beautiful and functional space. We offer a variety of pool deck options, including stamped concrete, pavers, and natural stone, to help you create the perfect pool deck for your needs and lifestyle. Our team of experts has years of experience and expertise in pool deck remodeling, and we use only the highest quality materials and techniques to ensure that your pool deck looks and functions perfectly.
Pool construction Company in Leander, TX

Pool Tile Replacement: Improving the Appearance and Safety of Your Pool

Pool tile replacement is an essential part of pool maintenance and care. Over time, pool tiles can become cracked, damaged, or outdated, leading to an unsightly appearance and potential safety hazards. At Aqua Pro Pools, we offer top-quality pool tile replacement services to help improve the appearance and safety of your pool. Our team can replace cracked or damaged tiles or upgrade your pool with new and modern tile options.

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Aqua Pro Pools Made our first ever season of owning a pool, seamless, easy, and fun. Ron kept our pool looking like something out of Architectural Digest without my ever having to lift a finger or even think about it. He made having a pool always a joy and never a chore. I cannot say enough good things about Ron and Aqua Pro Pools.



Had an issue with a part of the pool that had been acting up. Called Aqua Pro Pools to take a look and help us solve the issue. Ron advised me what the issue is and he was spot on. Helped me in the direction of figuring out the issue. Very responsive and takes care of the pool with great care!